Rachel Baston

Rachel's favourite food is steak and ale pie and her favourite place in Sheffield is Ecclesall Road. Her favourite animal is a giraffe but if she could be an animal she'd be a dog because they are energetic, loud, boisterous and they love all aspects of life. If you meet Rachel you should greet her with 'hallo' as she's half Dutch.


Gabby Carney

Gabby's favourite place in the world is Edinburgh; she's been countless times and would go back in a heartbeat. If she were an animal Gabby would be a penguin called 'Frosty' and if her wardrobe is anything to go by her favourite colour is red. Gabby's favourite place inside the Cathedral is the back of the Nave because from there you can admire the architecture of the whole building.


Fiona Hutty

Fiona's claim to fame is that she went to school with Jamie Vardy and if that doesn't impress you, she's a distant relative of deceased poet Dylan Thomas. She loves serving coffee and when she's not doing that at 1554 Fiona enjoys radio comedy, browsing charity shops, gin and dancing - she's not so fond of winter or boisterous dogs. 


Emily Smith

Emily's born and bred in Sheffield and a recent journalism graduate. She'll never say no to a soya cappuccino, her favourite colour is yellow and she can solve a Rubik's Cube - sadly not in under 30 seconds just yet. Emily's favourite spot inside the Cathedral is near the back of the nave, because she can look right up at the coloured ceiling and she's especially fond of this spot on a sunny day!


Debbie Martin

Debbie's a fan of spicy food and historical places. Her favourite dish is chilli con carne but she also likes a good curry, and her favourite place in the Cathedral is the Shrewsbury Chapel. Debbie regularly visits places of historical interest, be it a church, graveyard or museum! Her favourite colour is purple and she's a Mum of four, as well as a grandmother of four. 


Matt Poorian

Matt has been with the team since the very beginning. His favourite food is Chinese and he also loves pickled onions. His hobby is going to the gym and getting his muscles as big as possible. Matt seems to have his very own little fan club at 1554 with many customers popping into see him and catch up with him over their coffee. Matt is vey proud of his car and you will often find him polishing his bumper!


Ruth Maher

Ruth’s favourite food is a roast dinner. She is originally from Wales and very proud of this but has travelled far and wide and picks up accents very easily. Ruth loves the outdoors and being by the sea with her two children and her black Labrador Jess. Ruth is known for walking at the speed of light around the Cathedral so if you see someone zooming past it will probably be her! Her favourite part of the Cathedral is the stained glass outside the coffee shop doors, giving 1554 the grandest entrance in the city.